Denise Golliver

Denise joined the Mager & Gougelman team in May 1984 as the front desk receptionist in our Manhattan office. Her education in the nursing and medical assistant fields has assisted her during her many years at Mager & Gougelman.  She currently holds the title of Office Manger for the Manhattan office and is the coordinator that oversees all of the other offices.  With the exception of being an Ocularist Denise has held and worked in every area and aspect of what it takes to manage our team and understands the complexities and challenges each team member faces.
Denise loves long walks on the boardwalk with her dog Megan and enjoys reading romance novels. Denise one day hopes to take a trip to Ireland and Italy.
Denise is a lifetime resident of Queens, NY and continues to live there, while her son, Sean who is pursuing a career as a construction foreman in Savannah, GA.

 Sandra Diaz

Sandra joined the Mager & Gougelman team in 2001 and is currently employed as the Medical Biller for all the offices. She has 25 years of medical experience. Prior to joining the team Sandra worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital Eye Institute as a Medical Secretary/Biller where she interacted with reputable Ophthalmologists/Surgeons on a daily basis.
Sandra resides in Orange County, New York and some day wishes to take a trip to Italy and Spain.
Sandra is happily married with three children and three grandchildren.  She has a zest for life and enjoys music, reading, church and spending time with family.
She enjoys working with Mager & Gougelman and considers them her extended family.  She looks forward to many more years with the company.

 Lissette Hernandez

Lissette joined the Mager & Gougelman team in October, 2004 as the Front Desk Receptionist.  Soon it became obvious that she has a lot to offer and has become a vital member of our front office team.  Her talent to understand and speak many of the Spanish dialects has enabled her to chair side assist our Ocularist to correctly determine the needs of our patients during the fabrication and fitting of their prosthesis.
Lissette is an avid reader and loves to watch horror movies and any shows that involve detectives.  At the moment her current favorite show is The Walking Dead.  She loves spending time with her two beautiful daughter’s ages 9 and 12 and doing all kinds of outdoor activities.

 Joann Tomasi

Joanne joined the Mager & Gougelman Connecticut office in March of 2003.  After graduating college she worked in advertising and marketing for 15 years as a Media Buyer and Operations Manager.  She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and is an active volunteer with the local animal shelter

 Wayne Bradley

Wayne started with the Mager & Gougelman team in May 1973 shortly after graduating The Julius A. Kerpel School of Dental Technology as a Lab Assistant. He later became in charge of all the laboratory functions in the processing of the ocular prosthesis.
Wayne traveled with the Mager & Gougelman team to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1981 where he also processed the prosthesis.  Wayne later moved to Florida in June, 2004. He returned to the Mager & Gougelman team in February of 2010 and is currently the Lab Manager.

 Patricia J. Cantelmo

Patricia, also affectionally referred to as "Mrs. C" by most of the staff joined Mager & Gougelman's team on August 1, 2011 as the NJ Office Manager.  She has brought with her 15yrs experience in managing an Ocularist office and a keen understanding of what it takes to fabricate and fit an ocular prosthesis.  In addition to her duties in the NJ office Patricia also assists the NY office with obtaining insurance eligibility/benefits, prior authorization when necessary. Following up on claims status, claims re-processing and appeals.  She also works with our accounting department to collect aged receivables.  In May 2012 Patricia became the Administrator for our new computer system LeonardoMD and implemented TalkSoft to confirm appointments and is now in the process of implementing Navicure as the clearing house to process our claim filing.
Patricia enjoys cooking, hiking, picnicking with family and friends, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.  Her favorite quote is "nobody wins unless everybody wins", Bruce Springsteen.  Her dream vacation would be to take a trip to Niagara Falls (both NY and Canada side)and the Thousand Islands.
After being a lifetime resident of NJ, Patricia and her husband Andre of 48yrs moved to Kingston, NH in October 2015.  They have a son Andre who is a farmer (Heron Pond Farm), in South Hampton, NH and a daughter Christina who is an Ocularist with Mager & Gougelman, Inc.  They have five grandchildren, 3 in NJ and 2 in NH. Patricia continues to perform her duties from her home office in NH.

 Carlos Barzallo

Carlos graduated from New York College of technology with an associate in restorative dentistry in 2011 and became board certified in restorative dentistry in 2013. Carlos went into the ocularist field becoming in charge of the laboratory functions for Annette Kirszrot until her retirement in 2014. After gaining experience in the ocularist field he started with Mager and Gougelman in the summer of 2014 where he manages all the laboratory work in the Hempstead location of Mager and Gougelman. 

 Allyson Ramos

Allyson is the newest member of the Mager & Gougelman team in the New York Office.  She started as a part-time employee in March 2015 and soon proved that she belonged with our team and became a full-time employee in July, 2015.  Allyson is our Front Desk Receptionist which suits her fine because she has a love for people and always a quick smile.  Also, Allyson’s ability to speak Spanish allows her to chair assist the Ocularist so our patients are able to relay their specific wants and needs.
Allyson enjoys working out to relieve stress and also loves to read in her free time.  Allyson has a daughter, Samantha who attends York College.

 Barbara Y. Reformat

Barbara joined the Mager & Gougelman team in September of 2015. She has taken over the New Jersey Office from Mrs. C., whom has given her overwhelming guidance. Barbara has over 25yrs experience as an Administrative Assistant in and out of the Ocular field. Barbara also has 16yrs experience and is Certified as an Optical Assistant which has given her some advantage in understanding and dealing with specific patient cases.
Barbara enjoys cooking, baking, traveling and watching scary movies.
Barbara has a beautiful 26yr old daughter, Jessica, that works in NYC at AXA Advisors as a Branch Associate. She has lived in New Jersey all her life and resides in Riverdale, NJ at this time.  Barbara's dream is to win the Lottery one day and move to Bora, Bora where she can live relaxing on the beach.

 Cynthia Castillo

After being certified as a medical biller from BMCC, Cynthia was an intern for American Comprehensive Health Group in the pediatrics department in Brooklyn. Cynthia joined the Mager and Gougelman staff in February of 2016, where she became the front desk receptionist in the Hempstead location. Making her the youngest member our staff.