Family owned and operated business-recently featured by the New York Historical Society as a family run business in operation over 150 years.
Mager and Gougelman, Inc. is a family owned business founded in 1851. Today it has become more and more difficult to find small family owned businesses which combine their heart and soul into the services they provide. There are numerous large conglomerates with employees “performing their job only.” These employees have no stake in the companies they work for and, therefore may not go that extra mile. Mager and Gougelman, Inc. prides itself with the fact that the fourth generation is now hard at work and maintaining the same pride, service, and care which has kept the family and company a leader in the field of ocularistry for over 150 years.

When our company was founded by Peter Gougelmann, glass was the material used in making artificial eyes. During World War II, plastic was implemented into eye prosthetics and became more widely used than glass in the fabrication of ocular prostheses over the following decades. Since the first plastic artificial eyes were developed, we have devoted our efforts to provide an eye that gives the wearer all of the advantages of glass eye techniques plus all the advantages of plastic. We feel that we can now offer a plastic artificial eye superior to any.

We shall continue to work in cooperation with surgeons and the medical field to develop implants and artificial eyes which have every possible advantage in comfort, cosmetic appearance, motility, and durability. We currently specialize in the following:

New York
345 East 37th Street
Suite 316
New York, NY 10016
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Long Island
230 Hilton Avenue
Suite 210
Hempstead, NY 11550
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200 Orchard Street
Suite 305
New Haven, CT 06511
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New Jersey
271 US Highway 46
Suite G-110
Fairfield, NJ 07004
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811 North Broadway
Suite 204
White Plains, NY 10603
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Specializing in the following Services

Scleral Cover Shells

Impression Fitted Ocular Prostheses

Custom Ocular Prostheses

A flush fitting opaque acrylic scleral cover fitted over a phthisical or eviscerated globe. Iris, pupil, scleral tint, and vascular patterns are hand duplicated in detail to match the fellow eye.
A technique of making a custom prosthesis based upon an alginate or vynal impression of the globe and/or socket.
Is a  ocular prosthesis fitted and fabricated to match all of the specific details of an individual patient 's natural globe, utilizing fitting and fabricating techniques. iris, pupil, scleral tone, and vascular pattern must match the fellow eye. 

Expansion Conformers

Surgical Conformers

Maxillofacial Prostheses

Is a series of therapeutic conformers to help enlarge the contracted socket or malformed socket. Expansion Conformers are custom fitted at the office visit based on the individual case.
Is a plastic shell/shape used to prevent collapse or closing of a cavity, vessel, or opening during surgical repair, and/or post-operative healing.
Is a subspecialty of prosthodontics that manages replacement and restoration of lost or missing structures and functions in the head and neck region with artificial substitute dedicated to the prosthetic correction and managment of maxillofacial defects required from surgical ablation of cancer, traumatic injuries or congenital birth defects and alterations in growth and development.